SSL Delta-Link Madi-HD Pro-Tools HD audio interface

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SSL XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD Interface

Pick up a bargain on this discounted Ex-demo unit. Fully functional but shows signs of use (See pictures). In original retail pakaging with cosmetic damage.

64 Channels of digital I/O direct to Pro Tools|HD®

The XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD is a professional MADI to Pro Tools|HD® converter for Studio, Live and Broadcast Applications.

With XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD, Multichannel Audio Digital Interface audio equipment like routers, digital mixing consoles and converters can now be directly interfaced with Pro Tools|HD® (Core or Accel Cards, HD Native Cards require Digilink to Digilink Mini Adapter, which is delivered with the HD Native Card).

MADI HD Reduces Costs

A single Delta-Link MADI HD can take the place of up to four Digi 192® Digital I/O’s, delivering dual feeds of 64 channels of digital audio interconnection from a single hardware interface. MADI HD further reduces cost by using an efficient single cable interconnect system. It also occupies significantly less physical rack space than equivalent systems.

Simpler system setup and integration

Direct connectivity between Pro Tools® DSP cards and MADI cards means efficient simple system configuration. Fibre Optic MADI allows distances up to 1000 m between the Pro Tools system and other MADI equipment. Remote audio routing to and from Pro Tools is possible in conjunction with MADI routing equipment.

  • 2 Primary port interfaces (32 channel each) to an AVID Pro Tools|HD® card (Core/Accel) or HD Native Card (requires Digilink to Digilink Mini Adapter, which is delivered with the HD Native Card)
  • 2 optical MADI ports delivering duplicate 64 channel feeds
  • Each MADI port offers 56 or 64 MADI digital inputs & outputs at up to 48kHz, 28 or 32 MADI digital inputs and outputs at up to 96kHz, 14 or 16 MADI digital inputs and outputs at up to 192kHz
  • Word/SuperClock input
  • All input and output channels can be used simultaneously in any configuration. For instance, when combining the Delta-Link MADI HD with the Alpha-Link MADI SX converter unit, it is possible to route the analog and AES/EBU inputs to the MADI outputs, and at the same time the MADI inputs to the analog and AES/EBU outputs
  • The latency generated by the Delta-Link MADI HD itself is limited to 1 sample (MADI Out)and 1-2 samples (MADI In). Furthermore the unit allows to set a user definable latency compensation per channel
  • A USB interface is provided for user control and/or future firmware updates.

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