Prodipe Lanen VL21-C Cardioid Violin & Alto Mic

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The VL21 Lanen Violin is dedicated to the captation of violins and altos.

  • Violins and violas come in various sizes, so they need a fully adaptable mounting system, hence our decision to develop two flexible clamps.
  • We have chosen to use an omni-idirectional capsule for several reasons: cardioid capsules and their mounting can cause problems for musicians. They are also aesthetically dubious (especially in videos).
  • Our capsule is as close as possible to the sound source, just beneath the strings, tight against the soundboard, ensuring that the recording is richer in harmonics and more dynamic
  • Clamp(s) and XLR adaptor are supplied for wired mic use (48V phantom power supply required).
  • The mic can also convert to a UHF mic by connecting it to the PRODIPE UHF B210 SOLO or UHF B210 DUO systems (specially adapted for the Lanen 21 capsule impedance).
  • Excellent natural sound.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Very high level of protection from instrument vibration.
  • Mini XLR to XLR connector adaptor ensures that the mic lead is properly positioned on your instrument (48V phantom power supply required for wired connection).

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