Mooer Digital Modelling 50W Acoustic Amp SD50 A

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We can't belive the sound quality of this little amp here at Knighton Music, this amp offers so much for the money:warm acoustic sound quality,drum presets and a selection of really durable effects. All this and it's great fun too!

A fantastically durable modelling amp with built in backing rhythms and oodles of effects, hours of fun and professional quality sound too.

Create the intimate atmosphere of a beautiful acoustic performance with the Mooer SD50A Acoustic Digital Modelling 50w 1x8 Combo. Nothing beats the distinct character of an acoustic guitar accompanied by stunning vocals and with this amplifier, you can achieve just this. Connect both your acoustic and microphone or two acoustics to establish a crystal clear output of your mesmerising performance.

The SD50A is equipped with an adjustable three-band digital EQ as well as chorus, delay and reverb effects. So, you can perform with studio precision. As this speaker is a combination of an analogue circuit and digital control, there is a wide range of rich acoustic tones that can be saved in the preset storage. Add depth to this tone. You can layer in a beat from a choice of 16 unique drum machines that will seamlessly integrate with the 150-second loop recording - create the perfect acoustic ambience.



  • Effect Modules: x2 EQ, x2 Chorus, x2 Delay, x2 Reverb

  • Drum Machines: 8 Percussion, 8 Cymbals

  • Looper: 150 Seconds

  • Inputs: Instrument, Instrument/Microphone, Aux

  • Outputs: XLR

  • USB Connectors: Type-B, Micro-B

  • Power Supply: SC 15V 4A

  • Power: 50W

  • Dimensions: 460mm x 236mm x 405mm

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