Marshall AS100D Soloist 100 Watt Acoustic Amp 2 Channel With Reverb Pre-Loved

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Marshall amps need no introduction, the name is synonymous with all things amped.

The acoustic range offer the same reliability and quality as the electric guitar amps and here we have an AS100D Soloist ready to go!

In good used condition, all tested solid state, so built to last and no valves to worry about.

Collection is available.

Here's what Marshall have to say...

For the acoustic player who wants it all, we offer the comprehensively featured and powerful AS100D - a 50Watt + 50Watt, 2x 8 inch combo with two high fidelity, polymer dome tweeters. The AS100D has been specially created for use with a variety of acoustic instruments and now boasts new and improved speakers conceived by our design experts in conjunction with Celestion. Between its four channels, this combo has the flexibility to handle instruments with piezo transducers or magnetic pick-ups, plus microphones, for both vocal and instrument reproduction. For those using two pick-ups via a single stereo jack, the two main Acoustic Channels (1 and 2) can be linked together via a 'Link' switch, affording you independent Volume and EQ controls for each pick-up. The other two channels are a dedicated Microphone channel (3) and an Auxiliary channel (4), the latter of which has phono (RCA) stereo inputs specifically for use with external audio equipment. The AS100D houses an internal limiter to ensure you can achieve maximum output while your sound remains distortion free.


Even though the AS100D's 50Watt + 50Watt stereo configuration offers more than enough power for many typical acoustic music venues, a stereo pair of balanced XLR DI outs and Line Outs allow you to connect directly to an external PA system for larger venues. When playing live, one of the most difficult aspects of amplifying acoustic instruments is unwanted feedback. To help eliminate this, the AS100D features several 'anti-feedback' controls, including an individual Phase switch on channels 1, 2 & 3, plus two frequency controllable Notch Filters with selectable extra depth for channels 1 & 2.

The superb quality of the 16 built-in, adjustable stereo digital effects (10 Reverbs, Delay, Chorus & more) adds an entirely new dimension to the already wide range of sounds this professional combo has to offer. Additionally, there is also a stereo Parallel Effects Loop, complete with Level Control, on the rear panel. Compact and portable, the stylish AS100D offers great flexibility and is the ideal amplifier for the acoustic player who wants the highest quality performance, with absolutely natural tonal reproduction.


  • Output (RMS) - 100 Watt Stereo (50 Watt per side)
  • Channels - 4
  • Volume Control (1 per channel) - Yes
  • Independent Tone Network per Channel - Channel 1, 2 & 3
  • Microphone Input - Channel 2 & 3
  • Phase Switch - Channel 1, 2 & 3
  • Phantom Power Switch - Channel 2 & 3
  • Phono Inputs - Channel 4
  • Anti-Feedback Notch Filter - Channel 1 & 2
  • Channel Assignable Chorus - No
  • Reverb - No
  • Master Volume - Yes
  • Digital Stereo FX - Yes
  • FX Level & Mix Control - Yes
  • FX Loop - Stereo
  • DI Outputs - Balanced
  • Line Out - Unbalancd
  • Speakers - 2 x 8 inch
  • Dimensions (mm) - 600 x 540 x 261
  • Weight (kg) - 21

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Amplifier Specification
Amp type Solid State Acoustic
Amplification 100 Watt

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