£1,495.00 GBP

Handmade in the UK, The 'Haven' is the newest offering from the father/son team of Lakestone Guitars.

The 'Haven' is a 'naked' version of the Lakestone SL (small Lakestone) range, which offers a deeper bodied yet slim waisted body shape so volume is not compromised by size. The brass bridge pins, gold Gotoh hardware, rosewood binding and rosewood bridge set off against the rich mahogany grain make this a beautiful combination of tones visually. With a neck that manages to be evenly slim all the way up, the higher frets are ridiculously easy to reach, making this such a lot of fun to play.

This is a lefty, so left handers don't have to miss out on these fabulous guitars!

With superb after care and top class build quality, these guitars are the future of British luthiery, why not try one here @knightonmusiccentre today!