Apogee Jam X Instrument USB Audio Interface With Built Analog Compressor Guitar/Keyboard

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Apogee Jam X Instrument USB Audio Interface With Built Analog Compressor Guitar/Keyboard

Jam X is a premium audio interface designed for recording your guitar, bass guitar, or keyboards on your Mac, Windows computer or iPad Pro. Jam X also works with your iPhone*. Connect headphones and any instrument with a pickup to Jam X and dial in the perfect sound using Jam X‘s Analog Compressor presets - Vintage Blue Stomp, Purple Squeeze, & Smooth Leveler. The simplicity and portability of Jam X make it ideal for capturing your best take anywhere you go. And, the ease of use and sound quality make Jam X a must-have for beginners and pros.


New Features


Built-In Analog Compressor

Jam X’s built-in analog compressor introduces an all new feature to the Jam family. Jam X delivers a total tonal experience that no other interface in this category can touch. Choose from 3 different presets that will respond to how much you drive the input gain. With Jam X you will have an endless amount of inspiration in developing your own clean tone aesthetic.


Crank it up - Headphones or Powered Monitors

Whether you’re monitoring as you play and record with your favourite app, or streaming music, the stereo output on Jam X dramatically improves the playback quality of your audio. With high resolution sample rates up to 96k and ample headroom, Jam X delivers incredible clarity and plenty of volume to your headphones or powered speakers.


Blend Mode - Never Miss A Beat

Stay in the rhythmic pocket with Blend mode, allowing you to record with absolutely no vibe-killing latency (delay). To listen exclusively through your virtual amp software, turn off Blend with a click of a button.


The Ins and Outs - Connection Options

Connect any instrument-level input you can imagine to your computer or iOS device using Jam X. Synth and keyboard, electric guitar and bass, dynamic microphone* and acoustic instrument with a pickup - it all works. Jam X is a complete audio interface that lets you monitor your recording and playing too with a premium ⅛” output for headphones or powered speakers.

*Impedance transformer required

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