Carvin XP1000L Lightweight Powered Mixer

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Carvin XP1000L Lightweight Powered Mixer, Made In USA.

A fantastic pro mixer from Carvin. 1200 Watt Power Amp, with 8/10 channel Stereo Mixer.

A brilliant design, and great sound quality with incredibly low distortion and high headroom.

Unlike anything in its class, the ultra light XP1000L stereo 8 channel powered mixer offers 1200 watts RMS (1600W peak) power from 3 power amplifiers for left, right, and floor monitors. The XP1000L lightweight powered mixer is Carvin's newest design, and eliminates the heavy ABS case used on our older mixers, providing lighter weight, better portability and improved air circulation. It includes new features such as more efficient 400W power amps providing greater tonal quality and reliability, and a front mounted 5V USB port for powering an optional LED light, MP-3 player or other USB device. The 3 Class D power amps are 95% efficient, conserving power so they are more environmentally friendly, and allowing the mixer to be powered using a small portable generator or standard AC power. High current Speakon™ and 1/4-inch speaker connectors are featured assuring every watt gets to your speakers. Each amp has it own LED output meter plus peak indicator.

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