Ashdown Engineering 'The ANT' 200 Watt Bass Head

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Looking ot lighten the load when off to a gig, look no further than The ANT!

The ANT is a revolutionary pedal-board bass amp that delivers 200 watts of pure Ashdown bass tone into any 8/4 ohm speaker cabinet. 

Light, super compact and built for the road; fly dates are a breeze and whenever called upon the ANT will give you reliable Ashdown power and tone at every show, eliminating the uncertainty that backline amps can bring.

The ANT also automatically adjusts its power requirement from 110v through to 240v so you can simply plug and play no matter what country the next show is in and the ANT will take care of it.

Designed for bassists using pedals, modelers and effects processors to create their tone but can also be used totally alone with the 3 band EQ plus shape preset allowing easy tone sculpting.

The balanced XLR DI out also allows you to run straight into the PA delivering your tone directly to the sound desk. Lastly the headphone out allows silent practice between gigs.

Simply bring your bass and your pedalboard to the next gig for an ultra portable set up!

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Amplifier Specification
Amp type Solid state Bass
Amplification 200 watt

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