Apogee Duet Dock For Duet 3

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New in from Apogee!

Designed to expand the power of your Apogee Duet 3, the all-new Dock, is the latest device to make your interface studio-ready. 

Duet Dock gives you the ultimate control over your input and outputs, positioning Duet 3 at the perfect angle for quick adjustments and meter and function visibility.

The rear panel connectors also make it easier to connect cables to your Duet, so no more struggling with difficult to place cables


  • 2x XLR Balanced inputs
    • These are the main inputs for attaching microphones or other line level outboard gear. These support +4 or -10 line level inputs.
  • 2x 1/4" TRS Line Level outputs (+4) with switchable monitor control
    • These are the main outputs for attaching to your monitors or to outboard gear. By default, volume control is turned on.
  • 1x 1/4” Unbalanced stereo headphone output with zero-ohm configuration for personal headphone mix
    • This is an additional headphone output that mirrors the signal being sent to the 3.5mm headphone output on the Duet itself. Both headphone outputs can be used simultaneously.
  • 2x USB-C connections
    • As with the USB-C connectors on the Duet, this is for the host connection (Mac, Windows, iOS) and for power. When Duet is used with an iOS device, it’s recommended a power supply is used on the second port. When Duet is used with a computer, you can attach your computers power supply through the Duet’s extra USB-C port.

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