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Sterling Sub Stingray 4 HH Lake Blue Metallic Bass

Product Code: SUB4LAKEB
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Peak performance. Expert clarity. That's exactly what you get with the Sterling SUB Ray4 Bass HH JTB. Because Sterling have taken every step to ensure it kicks out a booming bass tone of scintillating quality that punches through the mix with ease. It's fitted with a powerful 9V preamp, which is what gives the Ray4 its gigantic sound. This model features two, low-noise ceramic humbuckers which produce an enormous sound while maintaining stunning clarity and articulation throughout your playing. Performance is effortless with the sleek Jatoba fretboard and lightweight body, giving you a feeling of freedom and weightlessness on stage. And you can be sure that it'll flourish in every gig due to its meticulous construction. Put simply, it's everything a bass should be.

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