£1,199.00 GBP

The Solid State Logic SiX is a fully professional desktop mixer you can use in the studio, in post production, and for podcasting. At first glance, SiX may look like other compact mixers, but a closer look will reveal its SSL large-format console lineage, with a flexible, intuitive feature set designed to accommodate any creative workflow. Take a listen, and you’ll hear the SSL pedigree: impeccable sonic performance that carries the DNA of over four decades of legendary SSL consoles.

Solid State Logic SiX Desktop Mixer Features:

  • Benchmark SuperAnalogue audio performance
  • Professional routing and monitoring
  • Classic SSL channel processing
  • Full-size 100mm faders, Mute–Bus B, PFL
  • 12-input summing at mixdown
  • Legendary G Series Master Bus Compressor
  • Completely balanced signal path
  • A superb front end for recording
  • Channels 1 and 2 equipped with:
  • SuperAnalogue mic preamps with 66dB of gain
  • Phantom power; 75Hz highpass filter
  • Line-level input, switchable to instrument level
  • Newly designed SSL compressor
  • Balanced insert points
  • Channels 3 and 4 equipped with:
  • Line-level stereo inputs with trim
  • Master section includes:
  • 2 cue buses (sends available on channels 1–4)
  • Main and Alt monitor outputs with monitor source matrix, mono check, dim, and cut
  • Talkback mic input with phantom power and LMC