£149.00 GBP

Electric guitar multi - effect 64 factory presets 64 user presets 4 bands EQ 4 channels (clean, texas, british and mega) Wah, phaser, compressor, chorus, flanger, pitch shift, tremolo, delay and reverb Speaker simulation Variac Hush Stereo output Headphone output Aux in for MP3/CD/IPOD.

This is a real monster effects unit from the US guitar effects specialists. Built like a tank and with a massive amount of usable tones. We have secured a limited number that we are selling at half of the retail price, and the only available in the UK at the moment. Get a bargain while you can!

  • Functions: multi-effects, 64 Presets and 64 programmable presets
  • 1 Hush
  • Jack in
  • 2x out (left and right)
  • 1 Auxiliary Input Jack (MP3/CD/iPod)
  • 1 Mini headphone jack
  • Casing: Aluminium, Light, strong, rustproof

This product is now discontinued, so these are the last available!