£158.95 GBP

The RS/500 series rack stands are more than just places to hold rack equipment. Because the RS/500 series rack stands are completely modular, all kinds of rack configurations are possible. This system is perfect for home and pro recording, broadcast and multimedia applications ##whr## a large number of rack spaces are required. Any configuration can be made to expand vertically or horizontally to fit any type of audio or video environment.

Manufactured using computer-welded 14-gauge steel, RS/500 series stands incorporate perforated side panels for maximum air ventilation. Ergonomically designed to allow easy access to all rack equipment, with open access to cables and connections. High quality and at very affordable price.

RS/510 is an ergonomical 10-space rack stand base unit with a 65% angle upward. Supplied with casters and hardware.

Quiklok EU rack rail, 10-U stand W/casters -BLACK