MusicMan 212 HD 130 Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Difficult to get hold of, this is the fantastic reissued MusicMan 212 130HD guitar combo! It sounds absolutely amazing, with a distinct iconic vintage tone.

The clean tones ring incredibly crisp and clear, but with a rich depth to them so they don't sound harsh at all. Crank up the volume and you get absolutely superb crunchy break up that is exceptionally responsive. A very different character to your usual big tube amp due to the solid state pres, this has a unique and brilliant tone all of its own.

Sterling Ball and Marco De Virgiliis of MarkBass teamed up to create these fantastic reissues of the Music Man Amplifier range, which feature electric guitar and bass amps in both combo and head format. Music Man reissue amps are made with the maximum respect to the original philosophy and design created by Tommy Walker in the mid-to late-1970s, featuring both tube/valve and solid-state components.

The 212 HD 130 combo features two solid state channels with independent volume, treble, middle and bass controls and reverb and tremolo controls on channel 2, a shared Master, four EL 34 power tubes, and two DV Mark Neoclassic 12" custom-designed ultralight speakers, with classic feel and tonal response. Therefore, it has solid state preamp channels for a clean and reliable signal, with all-tube power.

We have this amp in stock and ready to play!

  • Power Output: 50W RMS (Low Power) / 100W RMS (High Power)
  • Power Tubes: 4x EL34 - 1x ECC83
  • Channels: 2
  • Controls:
    • Volume - Normal/Bright switch (on each channel)
    • Reverb - Intensity - Speed - Deep/Normal switch (for both channels)
  • EQ Controls: Bass - Middle - Treble (passive)
  • Speaker Outputs: 2x 4 ohm (total), 1x 8 ohm, 1x 16 ohm
  • Power Requirement: 100V; 120V; 230V; 240V - 50/60Hz
  • Fuses: T 3.15A 250V for 100V/120V setting; T 1.6A 250V for 230V/240V setting
  • Dimensions: 686,4 x 520 x 279 mm / 27.02" x 20.47" x 10.98"
  • Weight: 19.6 kg / 43.21 lbs

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