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LR Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. is a studio-quality direct box, featuring a five-band equalizer with tunable notch and midrange controls, adjustable gain and phase inversion. The proprietary Quasi-Passive EQ circuitry is totally transparent and allows control over voicing without sacrificing tone -- a big advance over conventional equalizers. In short, the Para D.I. Is engineered to bring out the best in any pickup.

The multiple award-winning Para Acoustic D.I. is a portable high-fidelity universal preamp/EQ/direct box that can make any pickup sound its best.

A fantastic bit of kit. Every gigging guitarist should have one.

Discrete pure class A FET input for audiophile-quality sound and very low noise

5 Band EQ controls include treble, presence and bass controls, along with tunable notch filter and sweepable mid EQ with 2 octave range

Phase inversion switch for increased feedback control

Proprietary Quasi-Passive EQ™ places synthesized passive EQ circuitry in a parallel side-chain with main signal for control of instrument voicing without sacrificing tonal purity

24 dB of adjustable gain for optimum performance and the lowest noise with a variety of input sources, including low output pickups

Balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼” outputs for use with an amp or PA or both simultaneously

High input impedance (10 Meg) delivers the full potential of any pickup

High current buffered output drives long cables into difficult, low impedance loads without fidelity loss

Heavy duty steel box provides extra protection

Runs on 48V phantom power or 9V battery, which provides 200 hours of playtime

External battery compartment allows quick and easy battery changes

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