£2,555.00 GBP

Handmade in England this Lakestone JM/C is the last word in craftsmanship and modern luthiery. Built by the Father and son team at Lakestone this guitar is handmade by Tony and Samuel Wright making this a truly boutique instrument in every sense. Like the trees from which they are crafted no two Lakestone guitars are identical even when comparing the same combinations of timber side by side. What you are buying here is a genuinely unique guitar with a personality of its own.

The Lakestone JM/C is designed for effortless warmth and volume. Its jumbo design gives a rich bass full of harmonic content which paired with the warmth of cedar and walnut brings a balance of projection and brightness, creating a tone that has a characteristic sparkle but is not hard or britle. The unique Lakestone neck construction and neck heel joint produces surprising sustain and makes the guitar easy to maintain and service.

This guitar features the standard Lakestone slim neck profile with a low silky action which makes it as easy to pick up as it is hard to put down.

Features and Spec:
  • Handmade in the UK
  • A unique instrument
  • Back and sides - Walnut
  • Soundboard - Red Western Cedar
  • Bevelled top edge
  • Purfling - Lacewood (London Plane)
  • Tuners - Gotoh ebony buttons
  • Neck - 5 piece Mahogany / Rosewood with carbon fibre re-enforcement
  • Neck width - 45mm at nut / 54mm at 14th fret
  • Neck thickness at nut 19mm
  • Fretboard - ebony
  • Scale length 650mm
  • Headstock front and back plates - ebony