£110.00 GBP

All Kinman humbuckers have exceptional articulation, definition, clarity and dynamics regardless of the coil’s turns count.

The Triple Alnico Tone advantage: Most models have 3 Alnico bar magnets instead of only 1 …. these models have the Triple Alnico Tone advantage. The architecture of Kinman humbuckers has been carefully thought out to allow 3 Alnico bar magnets that impart lots of that typical Alnico midrange complexity which is so desirable whereas conventional humbuckers have just 1 bar magnet because there is nowhere to put the extra magnets. Innovative features: Kinman humbuckers also have exceptional string to string level balance (thanks to their unique screw pole configuration). However this means the pickup must be installed according to the clearly marked orientation which is engraved on the baseplate with respect to the guitars bridge and neck. This puts the special 3rd pole always under the G string. There are 2 rows of adjustable poles but the G string has reduced magnetism poles so it balances perfectly output level wise with the other strings.