Eko Barracuda Semi Hollow 335 Style In White Sparkle

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There are many 335 style guitars on the market, some great, some not so great, this Eko Barracuda is one of those surprisingly good ones.

Mostly regarded as the budget end of the industry, Eko have been tradiing since the 60's but, every now and then they produce an absolute stonker and the Barracuda is one those guitars.

Furnished with a really nicely shaped and playable neck and smooth well frets, the Barracuda offers and warm and full tone which breaks up at just the right point. Nicely balanced between neck and body and a little smaller body size than your average 335 copy, so sits well either standing or sitting.

The finish is quite subtle not a glitzy sparkle and has some variations on the whiteness of the finish, so has a real vintage vibe to it.

Only 2 avaiable as these are new old stock and once they're gone they're gone!

Tags: electric guitars, semi hollow

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Guitar Specification
Body Style Semi Hollow
Colour White
Configuration 6 String

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