Cornell Romany 10 1x10 Pre-Loved Tweed Guitar Amp

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This is a fantastic 10 watt hand-wired UK made guitar amp with padded cover. Tweed finish in really good condition, with no damage of any note , sounds pure with a hint  of classic Marshall on the gain. Cornell have achieved a great reputation for delivering truly classic tones and reliable build quality, this little amp packs a punch and has many years of play to offer.

Cornell says:

The Cornell Romany 10 combo amplifier is equipped with a 10" Jensen speaker and has a maximum output of 10 watts.  It delivers a professional tone that is loud enough not just for studio or home use but also suitable for playing small venues.

Players can benefit from natural warm and sweet tones, reminiscent of those classic American amps from the late 1950's.  Achieving the perfect tone is easy with the choice of volume, bass, middle, treble, and a toggle switch for EQ cut.  In addition, an output reduction control gives you the choice of 10 - 2 -  0.25 and 0.05 watts. 

In addition to it's authentic tone it also has the looks to match. The control panel offers a simple design and completes that classic look with chicken-head control.

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Amplifier Specification
Amp type Valve
Amplification 10 Watt

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