£2,599.00 GBP

The Essential OOO (E-OOO)

With the new Essential OOO (pronounced “Triple Oh”), we’re offering 100% Atkin tone – stripped down to the bare essentials!

Each Essential OOO is made with an aged North American Sitka spruce top and braced with pre-war scalloped bracing. Mahogany back and sides are complimented by a lightweight mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard – just like some of the finest Pre-War guitars.

If you are looking for sweet sounding, mid-sized guitar with a wider nut, the Essential OOO is for you.

What makes an OOO?

Vintage OOOs went through a series of spec changes in the 1930s. We try to keep things a bit simpler and make ever OOO with the following specs:
  • 15-inch lower bout OM body shape
  • 24.9″ short scale length
  • 14 frets to the body
  • 1 3/4″ nut (45mm, 2mm wider than our standard)
Atkin, pride themselves on their finishes. Alister details, sprays and polishes every guitar by hand with his own nitrocellulose blend.We’ve come up with the thinnest nitro finish that we can shoot while protecting the instrument against the rigours of life on the road. Very light ageing of the lacquer gives each instrument a “played-in” feel. Departed in several ways from the classic pre-war style: A larger top dome, a lifetime-guaranteed neck/body joint, and a two-way truss rod are among the changes, so this isn’t a historical reproduction, but a modern British-made guitar with heaps of mojo!

Every Essential OOO comes with an vintage-style Atkin Oxblood case.