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Lakestone SL/FF Fan Fret Red Cedar & Ziricote

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A completely unique guitar commissioned by Knighton Music Centre, this Lakestone fan fret is everything you ever wanted in an acoustic guitar.

The longer scale length of the bass strings allow for lower tuning while retaining harmonic structure.  This guitar is ideal for a variety of open tunings and is perfect for DADGAD, open G and even BEBEBE beloved of Nick Drake.
Made with hand selected, customshop grade timber, this guitar is not only a superb instrument but also a beautiful work of art in its own right.

With red cedar top and figured ziricote back and sides, this guitar projects with huge volume and clarity of tone. Ziricote is part of the rosewood family and offers a truly superb and rich range of harmonics and a piano like bottom end. An aesthetic and tonal pleasure to own and play!


  • Multiscale Fan-Fret  design.
  • SL body style
  • Back and sides: Highly figured select grade Ziricote
  • Top: Red Western Cedar
  • 5 Piece laminate neck with carbon fibre inserts.
  • Lakestone 'Sturgon Bracing'


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